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Quality & Safety

We have been in business for over 100 years, doing only one thing.  This doesn't happen by accident.  We are dedicated to producing a quality knife that is safe to use.  Just take a look at some of the customers mentioned on our home page.  Our knife is used by some of the most recognizable names around.   Our customer list includes 45 of the companies that made the Fortune 500 list for 2009. Companies like these do not buy a product that is not safe and reliable.  Designed with safety in mind, it is nearly impossible to cut yourself or someone else with a HANDY ring knife.

The materials that go into our products have not changed since the end of WWII.  (during the war, we had to use a different metal for our bands so that the nations aluminum supply could be used for the war effort)  The band on our metal knife is aluminum, the blades on all of the knives are a heat-treated steel and the rivets are nickel-plated brass.  The heat-treating of the blade makes them stronger and allows them to hold their edge longer.

The material used on our new plastic knife line is a polycarbonate.  This strong plastic keeps the knife on the users finger even though the band has a split in it.  The split band was designed to be used in situations where the user may be close to moving machinery or automated lines thus eliminating any worries about hand and finger safety.   This adjustable band also allows the knives to be worn over work gloves in cold conditions.  Even in freezing temperatures, the plastic knives will not break.