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Utility Knives

The Handy Twine Knife is the ultimate utility knife, hands down. 

Utility is defined as "the quality of practical use; usefulness; serviceability". In these regards, our knife is the utility knife you need to own.

The Handy Twine Knife was designed to do one thing and do it well, that is cutting. But the myriad of applications and uses it has allows us to claim that it is, indeed, the ultimate in utility knives.

Think about it: a small, extremely lightweight utility knife that rests on your finger. You don't need to remove the knife from your hand, take it our of your pocket constantly, or open it up - saving you time and annoyance for repetitive tasks.

Our handy utility knife weighs less than two ounces, perfect for keeping in a pocket, a purse, a survival bugout bag (Survival BOB), your car's change dish or in a desk drawer at work. These are just some of the reasons we call our utility knives the best in the industry.

In terms of practicality, the utility of our knives is second to none. It can be used to cut bubble wrap, slice open packaging, cut through tape or plastic strapping. Use our utility knife to slash cardboard or insulation, cut twine, ribbons, string or tape. Imagine the utility of being able to even slice through light gauge wire!

This utility knife is prized by many major industrial businesses such as Mead, Sears, The Washington Post, Ace Hardware, The New York Times, Monsanto,   Red Wing Shoes, Tropicana, Old Navy, Gap, Rolling Rock, Dole, Fastenal, Kraft, GM, Delphi, Sauder, Dickies... the list goes on and on.

But the utility of this knife is not limited just to business applications. 

Those into gardening use it to trim smaller trees and bushes. They can leave it on their finger as they work in the garden, not stopping to pick up a pruning knife or clipper.

Hobbyists and those into crafting also value our utility knife. Rather than having various knives with dozens of different blades, our one knife is used  as a universal utility knife. The knife can be used to cut wood, board, paper, plastic, metal, film and acetate. Our knives can also be used to trim or strip wallpaper, photographs, foamboard, or cloth. Our knife is truly a gem for craft, hobby, studio and shop uses.

Our handy utility knife can even serve well as a Sportsman knife. Sportsmen may even be able to field-dress with this knife! As a sportsman, you should seek to add this utility knife to your gear, as it's a wonderful all-around tool. The utility of not having to keep fishing a knife out of your pocket is invaluable. Hunters can wear a knife of a larger ring size over their gloves, not having to repeatedly take it off. Fisherman can use it to quickly cut fishing line of almost any size or test. The savvy sportsman should keep at least one in every tackle box, toolbox or gear bag.

These are the reasons we feel justified in claiming that the Handy Twine Knife is the ultimate utility knife!